About us

TOP Touristik is the first truly Dynamic Packaging Tour operator in Poland.
The company was founded in 2015 by German investors, with many years of experience in the travel industry. We offer holidays to many destinations in Europe and exotic countries in the world. Our main destinations are: United Arab Emirates, Spain, Malta, Cyprus and Greece. We offer TOP quality hotels at great prices. We guarantee flexibility in the choice of time, length of stay as well as departure location.

According to the tourist law in Poland we guarantee 'TU Europa' insurance, in the amount of 149.000 Euro for the organizers, who offer tourist packages based on Low cost, Regular airlines and Charters. It is associated with not incurring financial risks resulting from the need to charter aircraft. Dynamic organizers like TOP Touristik buy airline tickets for their customers at the time of a reservation.

Our prices are correct and valid at the time of booking. Thanks to modern dynamic packaging technology, prices are refreshed 24h / 7. We will confirm the price immediately on the same day.
TOP Touristik is a member of the Polish Association of Tourism Organizers and the Polish Chamber of Tourism.

TOP Touristik is a member of the Polish Association of Tour Operators "PZOT" and Polish Chamber of Tourism "PIT".



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